zf 5ds -25 -2 gt40 / pantera / m1
zf 5ds -25 -2 gt40 / pantera / m1
Zf5ds, zf gearbox, zf5ds-25, gt40 gearbox, transaxle, pantera
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ZF 5DS -25 -2 GT40 / Pantera / M1

For a fast sale contact me direct by e-mail at: jayco35@gmx.com

These are used on Gt40, Pantera, bmw M1. Or any rear engined kit/project car.

If you want your gt40 replica being original as pos. Or need one for Historic racing. This is what you need.

There’s hardly many original for sale.

This is the “ -2 “ version which is the stronger version compared to -1 so it’s the one everyone wants.

Came off a road car, not a race car. And it wasn’t a gt40. The road car had only done 9000km/ 5500miles since transaxle had been fitted. And it was rebuilt before it was put in.