Sadev st82-14 gearbox with oil pump - new
Sadev st82-14 gearbox with oil pump - new
For sale
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For sale a  new ST82-14 gearbox that has come into our stock. It has been built for a Duratec 2.5L so you will see in the pictures it has the Duratec bell housing fitted, Clutch shaft is 1''x23 spline 

Please see below full details:

ST82-14 Gearbox with oil pump - 14/34, 19/34, 23/32, 24/28, 24/24, 23/20, final drive 12x58

Slave cylinder 54mm / 12mm spacer

Ramp angles 35/60-(35/90) 120Nm preload

Reverse release cable 1500mm