Quaife sequential qbm1m
Quaife sequential qbm1m
Quaife sequential qbm1m
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Quaife sequential QBM1M

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Rebuilt this year with new bearings and seals. Includes a complete set of drop gears for easy adjustment of gear ratios. Duratec bell housing, hydrualic clutch release bearing and braided hoses, gearbox position sensor, gear indicator, prop shaft.

• Ultra-fast sequential shift with barrel style change mechanism

• Wide range of base gear ratio sets and six drop gear options

• Quick change drop gears for easy overall gearing changes

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

2.393 1.702 1.292 1.000

Drop Gear Ratios

Set A: 1.370

Set B: 1.300

Set C: 1.240 (Base Set)

Set D: 1.180

Set E: 1.140

Set F: 1.090