Mitsubishi evo viii clubman group a Mitsubishi evo viii clubman group a Mitsubishi evo viii clubman group a Mitsubishi evo viii clubman group a
Mitsubishi evo viii clubman group a
For sale mitsubishi evo viii clubman groupe a ideal for reece car or for car tu upgrade built in 2015, french passport conversion rhd to lhd new painting outside and inside carbon inside : foot-rests, door panels, dashboard ( from colsoul ) automati
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Publicado el: 05-Feb-2016 09:43
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For sale Mitsubishi EVO VIII clubman groupe A Ideal for reece car or for car tu upgrade Built in 2015, French passport Conversion RHD to LHD New painting outside and inside Carbon inside : foot-rests, door panels, dashboard ( from Colsoul ) Automatic and manuel extinguisher Hydraulic handbrake VO, aeroquip brake lines, brake booster 6 points bolted Rollcage FIA by Safety Cage Engine groupe N, EVO IX turbo with 34mm restrictor, GEMS engine ECU with ALS Standard gearbox, standard diffs with standard diff ECU Standard suspensions Small VO non Brembo gravel brakes 6 wheels 16” equipped winter C50 tires, possibility 15”gravel Kevlar sumpguard, lamppod Spare parts paquage : GEMS Diff ECU, arms, spark plugs, turbo, drive shafts, main shaft. Possibility to provide and install : - Front diff with LSD RS : 1000€ - Rear mechanical diff with Big VO Ralliart Diff : 2000€ - Reiger asphalt dampers : 4500€ - Big Asphalt VO Brembo brakes : 4500€ - 18” wheels 140€/each Vds Mitsubishi EVO VIII mini groupe A Montée en 2015, Passeport FFSA (EVO IX) Conversion RHD en LHD Peinture intérieure/extérieure neuve Intérieur complet Carbone Extincteur automatique et manuel Frein à main hydraulique, faisceau de frein aviation, brake booster Arceau 6 points boulonné FIA Safety Cage Moteur groupe N, Turbo IX bride 34mm, Gestion moteur GEMS avec Bang Boite 5 Synchro, ponts origine, boitier pont origine Suspensions origine Petits freins VO terre ( non Brembo ) 6 roues neige 16 pouces montées Michelin C50 Protege Carter Kevlar, Rampe de phares Lot de bord : Boitier ponts GEMS, triangles, bras arrières, bougies, turbo evo VIII, cardans, arbre de transmission. Possibilité de montage: - Pont Avant autobloquant RS : 1000€ - Kit pont arrière mécanique gros autobloquant ralliart : 2000€ - Suspensions asphaltes Reiger : 4500€ - Gros freins asphaltes VO Brembo avant/arrière : 4500€ - Jantes 18 pouces 140€/pièce
BO46 el 05-Feb-2016 10:24

Hi, can you send me more information and photos to my email so we can speak about de car. thanks.

FREDD el 05-Feb-2016 13:54

hello Bo46, it-s done ;-)

FREDD el 05-Feb-2016 13:58

Sorry, i forgot, price for the car is 18500€.

MOTORATOPE el 02-Nov-2016 23:15

Buenas todavía lo tienes ? Mi correo es